Value for Dealers

How does the dealership benefit from a rep group?


It can be fairly obvious how a supplier benefits from working with a Rep Group, but dealer benefits are not as obvious. But the dealers are the ones are on the front lines dealing with retail customers on a daily basis. No one (supplier, distributor or rep group) benefits until that dealer sales a product to a retail customer. So we all want to facilitate that sale and rep groups should be at the forefront of making that happen.


There are three main ways we accomplish these are:
1. Help the dealer sell more product
2. They become the dealer’s advocate to the company
3. Ultimately reduces dealer’s cost of specified products

A rep group should be able to help dealers sell more product. Since we are the expert on the lines they represent, we should know exactly how to sell the product to retail customers. Be it how the product is presented, how the product is displayed and how the product is installed (if applicable). When we visit your dealership you should ask for sample sales presentations for products you have a difficulty moving. Ask your rep group to role-play a sale for you or take a retail customer and actually present the product to them? We should be able to take a look at your showroom and make recommendations on the best placement of displays and other POP materials to maximize their effectiveness.

Rep Groups also should stand as an advocate for the dealer. It’s not simply a situation where the rep group handles things that go wrong. If something does go wrong they should be able to mediate that situation between your dealership, the retail customer and the manufacturer, but those situations should be rare. Much more importantly, we should be your best source of knowledge and a key link in your relationship to the manufacturer. We should be able to discuss your particular situation with the manufacturer and work with them to create opportunities for you to grow your business. Again, this may be in the form of POP material, obtaining graphics for your website, passing on and discussing product changes, other training opportunities, etc. The Rep Group should understand that a sale isn’t really made until the product walks out the dealership door and therefore they want to provide you with all the assistance they can to help you move the product.

And since they handle a number of different suppliers you don’t have to develop a dozen different relationships. You should be able to count on your contact with the rep group to handle all of your needs with the suppliers on their line card. Not only does this save you time (and we all know “time is money”) it also saves the manufacturer money which helps to keep product cost down.

Ultimately the Manufacturer Rep Groups should serve as a strong link between supplier, distributor and dealership. It should help you to grow your sales, help distributors work with suppliers more easily and more cost effectively and it should save the manufacturers a good amount of money.

At ARC we obviously believe in this model. We intend to provide dealerships with the best value by showing you how to sell our lines more easily and effectively, by working with you and the supplier so you get everything you need to move product and by streamlining your efforts so you can sell more with less effort. If you haven’t heard from an ARC representative yet, please call us at 404-754-8928 and we’ll make sure you get on our call rotation.