Our Suppliers


Ultra-Fab Products is the source for jacks & leveling products as well as weight distributing hitches, generators and other items great for RVing. Their major tag-line is “RVing is meant to be enjoyable … We’re making it that way” and that’s exactly what their goal has been.

With a wide variety of products designed to make the RV Lifestyle more enjoyable and worry free, Ultra-Fab is known as the creators of reliable product and amazing customer service.

When dealers and distributors think of “profitable partnerships” this is the company that comes to mind. ARC looks forward to showing even more dealers how that partnership can be profitable for them. Please review their product at www.ultra-fab.com or call your ARC representative for more information.


RVD_logoRV Designer is the preferred hardware supplier in the RV industry.  They have worked hard to create products that make RVing easier while achieving best-in-class profitability for dealers.  Providing simple, clean and effective planograms that are designed to allow the consumer to easily find the right item the first time has made them a true category leader.  planograms-on-gondola


RV Designer offers a no-hassle lifetime commitment and is proud to be an old fashioned “customer first” kind of company.  As the expert in merchandising programs, they can create a comprehensive hardware program to meet your needs.  www.rvdesigner.com



 lasalle-bristol2Who else besides LaSalle Bristol would bring us the industries’ strongest roofing membrane, it’s most versatile sealant, lighting with integrated LED bulbs, Faucets that are designed for RV use and the only termination vales made in the USA.  Nope, only LaSalle brings you that type of offering.  A name trusted by the OEMs for decades is ready to help dealers make more money in the aftermarket.




ProPack knows the importance of cleaning products that are strong enough for the toughest jobs, yet gentle enough for even the smallest of helpers. From preventative maintenance to routine cleaning and scrubbing, they manufacture the right product that is not only the best you can buy, but also safe for the whole family - and the environment. Their methodology is to develop the absolute best product for a specific application, test it over and over again until they are completely satisfied - and then send it to our outside testing sites for confirmation. With so many safe and effective products to choose from, we are confident you will agree that Kronen sanitation products and B.E.S.T. Cleaners and Protectants are your complete source for RV cleaning and sanitation maintenance. When it comes to your RV and your family, why settle for ordinary, when you can have the B.E.S.T.!


Quick_Roof_Logo_smCofair Products is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of unique waterproofing self-adhesive membranes and flashing tapes for installing and repairing RV roofs, skylights, decks, gutters, and more. Their expansive family of membranes and flashings is the result of over 25 years developing products that protect buildings and vehicles from moisture intrusion and damage.




As “the new guy” to the tow bar market, NSA is blazing a trail with some unexpected features.  Not only do they have perhaps the easiest to use tow bar available, but they are the only one with the confidence to provide a lifetime warranty.  You don’t have to stock another line of baseplates as the NSA family of tow bars fit all the major suppliers of baseplates.  And a key thing for dealers is that NSA will increase your profits in the tow bar market.  Call and ask us how.

LOGO_smaargray1_smPremium brushes and handles for all your RV cleaning needs.  Brushes built for specific uses (to ensure you don’t damage your RV’s paint, etc.) and handles designed for ease of use.  Adjust-a-brush is proud that their products are Made-in-America out of only the highest quality raw materials.  Brushes are made from lightweight polypropylene block because it offers exceptional strength and durability.  The superior bristles are selected for their durability and liquid holding properties.  Handles are made of premium grade drawn aluminum tubing since it is stronger than extruded tubing.  Handles are anodized to prevent corrosion.

Handles are available in telescopic, telescopic flow-through, fountain and standard models.  Brushes are available in a number of stiffness and with the All-around feature for easier application.


joyrider-logo_smFrom the creative minds that helped bring us the First sliding 5TH wheel hitch (Reese™), the first air ride pin box (Trailair™), the first air ride equalizer (Trailair, Center Point™), the 5TH Airborne™ air ride pin box (Cequent), the Sidewinder™/Revolution™ pin boxes (Cequent), the Correct Track™ RV alignment system (LCI), the Ground Control™ 12v leveling system (LCI) and the Never Fail™ lifetime lubrication items (LCI) comes another industry first.

Effective RV Suspension Rebound Control:

joyriderControlling suspension rebound from roadway imperfections, is a cardinal objective of ride control engineers working on virtually every type of high speed vehicle with the notable exception of consumer operated trailers.   Geometry problems, created by a lack of sufficient clearance, have prevented the proper fitting of an adequately sized shock absorber to accommodate typical RV weights.  Properly configured, heavy duty shock absorbers are the best and most durable method of controlling compression and rebound forces in a vehicles suspension system.  The new Joy Rider suspension upgrade has overcome the clearance issues and added an additional benefit, sway restraint.



If you think all tank holders are created alike, we encourage you to check out the video on the EZ-GO website.  This incredible little product keeps tanks upright in some pretty tough driving conditions.  So, whether it is storage inside the RV, in a basement compartment or in personal vehicle, rest assured that the LP tank is staying where it belongs.