Value for Suppliers

What are the benefits of doing business with a rep group?

Although there are many benefits to doing business with a Rep Group such as ARC Representation, there are two that stand out above the rest.

1. Gives you a sales team in the field making dealer calls and talking about / selling your products.
2. Saving a large chunk of the expenses involved in having an outside sales force

It is obvious that you need a sales force calling on RV dealers. Nothing replaces direct face-to-face visits to keep a product or brand top-of-mind. There is no better education available than being right there walking them through a presentation & answering their questions. There is no better way to place displays and other POP materials than standing in front of the dealer and showing them where it might go in their store.

If your competition has someone visiting the dealerships you can rest assured that they are using that time to keep their brand top-of-mind, to educate the dealer and to place as much POP material in as good a location as possible. The only way for you to even the field is to have a group out calling on those dealerships on your behalf. If you are one of the fortunate few that don’t have any competitors calling on dealers, you have the opportunity to take major market share by being the first in your niche to make that commitment.

Your sales organization (be it internal or outsourced to a Rep Group) should have as its primary agenda, making sales. Making sales for the supplier… and making sales for the dealership. If they are able to help the dealership grow their sales by using your products, it is a win for all. As a trusted advisor and consultant, the salesperson has to have confidence that every product they recommend will do the job it claims and it will sell. That’s one of the reasons that ARC is picky about our suppliers, wanting to make sure they are quality companies with quality products.

At the same time a Rep Group understands that they don’t get paid unless a sale is made. Really they can’t rely on that sale being permanently made until they know product is being paid for and walking out the dealership door. So a Rep Group needs to train the dealer in how to sell the product. Be it through educating them on the right presentation or helping them understand the best placement of the product in the dealership, the goal is to help the dealer move the product through their facility and out to a dedicated customer. And then to do that again and again so as to ensure repeat orders.

But I also noted that a Rep Group saves you money. We all know that having a sales team in the field can have a lot of associated expenses. From car to computer, from salaries to benefits, from hotels to airlines …. The list goes on and the price tag adds up. And with your internal sales team you have to spend your time managing them (personnel issues, trip routing assistance/direction, sales training, etc.). When you outsource your sales team to a rep group all of their clients share the expenses as part of the commissions paid to the group.

I don’t have any reliable data, but I am told that you typically save half the likely expenses involved with having an internal sales team. That’s why even some larger companies have decided that outsourcing their sales functions saves them a lot of money and increases their top line & bottom line results.

At ARC we are dedicated to growing your top line and your bottom line. Whether you need dealer calls only, or if you need help working with distributors, we are here to provide whatever level of service you need. That’s why we are putting together a nationwide team focused on dealer calls, but the experience and expertise to help with distributor work as well. And in order to be the right partner for you, we are planning to have between 8 and 10 supplier so we can really concentrate on your business and making you more profitable. Since slots are limited, call today. We look forward to working with you.